U.S./Canada lead LTE connections with 87% global market share

LTE connections in North America hit 3.3 million
representing 87 percent of all 3.8 million LTE connections worldwide.

In Latin America, where LTE will most likely be deployed
during December 2011 or in Q1 2012, UMTS-HSPA mobile broadband is significantly
penetrating the market. In September 2011, UMTS-HSPA connections increased by
29.5 million for an 85 percent annual growth rate in the region with total 3GPP
mobile broadband connections reaching 64.2 million.

Data services contributed an average of 22 percent to
ARPU during 2Q 2011. That is the main reason that Latin America and the
Caribbean are pressing hard on the HSPA+ accelerator with 28 commercial
networks in 17 countries while preparing the way for upcoming LTE deployments.

“The early deployment of LTE in the United States
and Canada has put the region in a leadership position worldwide,” said
Chris Pearson, president of 4G Americas

“It is also one of the key reasons why securing
additional spectrum is a requirement for continued mobile broadband progress in
serving both consumer and business customers while increasing our much-needed
economic development in North America. Without additional spectrum in the
region, the leadership position will inevitably fall. It is already expected
that by 2013 the Asia Pacific region will surpass North America in LTE
subscriptions,” Pearson added.

Following are key statistics for the 3GPP family of
technologies (GSM-HSPA-LTE) in 3Q 2011:

Western Hemisphere – All Americas Region

Total of 89.5 million new GSM-LTE subscriptions in the 12
month period ending September 2011, equalling 90 percent of all new mobile

3GPP technologies represent 741.6 million customer
connections comprising a
percent market share

UMTS-HSPA mobile broadband subscriptions totalled nearly
160 million with the addition of 15.6 million subscribers in 3Q 2011

UMTS-HSPA-LTE subscriptions reached 163 million with 17
million new subscriptions in 3Q 2011

Annually, 3GPP mobile broadband subscriptions
(UMTS-HSPA-LTE) added 59.7 million (nearly 58 percent annual growth)

U.S. and Canada

Total of 157.7 million GSM-LTE subscriptions — nearly 45
percent of mobile market share

30 million UMTS-LTE mobile broadband subscriptions added
between September 2010 and September 2011

No. 1 in LTE subscriptions worldwide: 1.5 million new LTE
subscribers were added in the third quarter of 2011, bringing the total to 3.3
million LTE connections

5 commercial LTE networks, including Bell Wireless Affiliates
and Rogers Wireless in Canada and AT&T, MetroPCS and Verizon in the U.S.

Forecast nearly 150 million LTE connections at end of
2016 (Informa)

Latin America and Caribbean

Total of 584 million GSM-HSPA subscriptions as of
September 2011, 75 million connections added year-over-year

3GPP technologies hold a 95 percent market share with the
addition of 20 million new subscriptions in 3Q 2011

UMTS-HSPA contributed significantly to this number with 9
million new subscriptions for the quarter; 29.5 million added in 12 months for
a total of 65 million connections

As of September 2011, UMTS-HSPA accounted for 10.4
percent of all subscribers in the region

Currently 28 commercial HSPA+ networks offer service in
17 countries of the region

38 operators in 15 countries of Latin America have
committed to LTE deployment pending the acquisition of spectrum resources. UNE
(Colombia), Telcel (Mexico), Claro (Puerto Rico) and ANTEL (Uruguay) are
expected to launch LTE in early 2012


5.8 billion total wireless subscribers

5.2 billion 3GPP subscriptions (90 percent market share)

826 million UMTS-HSPA-LTE mobile broadband subscriptions
as of September 2011

413 commercial UMTS-HSPA networks

173 HSPA+ networks

3.8 million LTE subscriptions; 38 commercial LTE networks
in 24 countries

By Telecomlead.com Team
[email protected]