Ubee Announces Next Generation Advanced Wireless Gateway

Telecom Lead America: Ubee Interactive, a global
broadband technology company, has commercially launched its latest DOCSIS
3.0 advanced wireless gateway named the Ubee DVW365(x).

The latest wireless cable gateway implements both
Full-Band Capture Diagnostics features and functionality and power amplified
WiFi in a production ready device.

The company claims that the Full-Band Capture (FBC),
embedded in the cable gateway eliminates the traditional tuner concept
associated with previous cable modem single chip SoC designs by allowing for a
direct conversion of the complete 1GHz spectrum.

Maria Popo, President of Ubee Americas, said that the
entire line-up of next-generation DOCSIS Wireless Gateways will not only
include a full-band capture tuner but also have the ability to execute a
testing algorithm on a chosen frequency.

The latest DOCSIS 3.0 wireless gateway adds new
diagnostics feature that allows cable operators to remotely view the entire
spectrum from both their network and also on the device itself.

The advanced spectrum analyzer allows for non-intrusive
remote analysis of weak signals, interference, tilt and other sub-optimal
performance parameters to help reduce service costs.

Daniel Smires, Ubee’s senior vice president of
Technology, said that the company expects a large reduction in cable operator
customer service costs and equipment with its new gateways.

Available with and without voice integration, Ubee’s new
gateways features enhanced wireless capabilities in both uplink and downlink
directions that are able to increase WiFi coverage by an average of 50 percent.


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