Ultra Electronics, DNE Technologies integrates combat services app

Ultra Electronics, DNE Technologies integrated radar and
secure voice radio traffic across a U.S. Air Force tactical C4 network at a
recent U.S. Department of Defense exercise.

During the recent Joint User Interoperability
Communications Exercise 2011, Ultra-DNE’s PacketAssure iQ (PA iQ) provided a
reliable way forward for a traditionally Time Division Multiplexed (TDM) U.S.
Air Force air control system.  

Faced with obsolescence issues, the Air Force needed to
identify a methodology for transmitting low latency radio and radar signals
across an IP-based transport network.  The PA iQ was able to demonstrate a
quick implementation solution by transporting the TDM traffic across the IP
network and ensuring that the TDM traffic received prioritization over other IP
traffic in the network according to the Quality of Service (QoS) policy enacted
for the network.  

In addition, the PA iQ was also used as part of an
alternative equipment string replacing the obsolete equipment as a potential
future Everything over IP (EoIP) spiral of the air control system.

“We were thrilled to assist the Air Force in
evaluating short-term and long-term alternatives for their migration to an EoIP
solution,” said William Berger, director of Sales for DNE Technologies
“We needed to ensure that the radar, radio and data link traffic received
the same predictable network performance in an IP network as it has in a TDM

The PA iQ combines legacy serial applications and
IP-based applications and applies a simple-to-implement QoS policy for
transport across an IP or serial transport network.  Because of its
industry leading, low latency performance, critical combat systems are now able
to be transmitted across shared C4 networks.

By Telecomlead.com Team
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