Umniah selects Subex to deploy ROC Revenue Assurance

Telecom analytics solution provider Subex announced its 5-year deal with Umniah, a mobile service provider in Jordan, to deploy ROC Revenue Assurance.
Umniah JordanUmniah selected Subex based on the Hadoop capabilities of ROC Revenue Assurance and the ability of the solution to meet the compliance needs.

Subex will able be to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCOs) of the implementation through the integration of Hadoop.

“Subex solutions have expanded to cover all areas of Business Assurance, Risk management and Security. We intend to work with Umniah to expand the coverage to these new areas and provide them with a winning edge.” said Vinod Kumar, CEO and managing director of Subex.

Ziad Shatara, CEO of Umniah said, “Through their Hadoop-based ROC Revenue Assurance, Subex was able to align with our goals, and deploy a solution which is flexible, scalable and compliant with our scope, while keeping TCOs low.”