United Vision Marketing Firms keen to buy Research In Motion

Telecom Lead America: United Vision Marketing Firms is
making an offer to Research In Motion (RIM), maker of BlackBerry phones to
acquire its Black Berry assets.

The decision was made to acquire RIM after a strategy
session with UVMF’s board members and consultants and the announcement by RIM’s
new CEO of a possible sell of the company.

The proposed deal is an all stock swap deal that will
position RIM shareholders to be in a greater equity position by swapping for
UVMF’s IPO stock price.

The deal will help the development of UVMF’S $1.6 billion
proposed Pearson Education Tablet (PET), take UVMF public and develop a new
brand imaging campaign for Black Berry Products using UVMF’s entertainment

UVMF is a much smaller company.

One of the key innovators is Nono C. Pearson who is the
founder/ CEO of the firm.

UVMF signed up a multi-platinum selling rapper to help
set the trend that will help develop the market and leverage the acquisition

“From day one we have been positioning United Vision
Marketing Firm to be the Apple of the future in terms of out innovating the
competition by continuously focusing on the best technology, creativity and
delivering socially relevant content,” said Eze Redwood, COO of UVMF.

“United Vision Marketing Firm has the innovative
business model to help create real sustainable growth for our clients. Our most
valued asset is having the human capital that has the passion to actually go
out and develop the markets. We fully understand having that kind of leverage
alone is priceless,” said Nono C. Pearson, CEO of United Vision Marketing

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