US government wireless security team launches anti-phone hacking app


Michael Franco, one of the US’ experts in secure wireless
communications technology, is launching Safe and Secure Mobile, with the
release of a new security application, using NSA
approved technology as used by government agencies.  


His team of specialists was responsible for actions that
resulted in creating a BlackBerry device secure enough to allow President Obama
to regain the use of his BlackBerry    after he took office in 2009.


The same technology will now be made available to
millions of BlackBerry and Android smartphone users worldwide
beginning next week in the form of an inexpensive, downloadable application. A
Symbian version is slated for release later this month and an iPhone version is
slated for release by the end of August 2011.


is the former head of The National Security Agency (NSA) Advanced Secure Communication Lab
where he was responsible for writing specifications for what became the
Presidential Secure BlackBerry.


the recent revelations about the “News of the World” phone hacking
scandal, concerns about mobile phone security is no longer a rhetorical
abstraction or only the problem of the rich and famous.  Anyone who uses a
mobile device is at risk.


application resides on the protected mobile device in such a way that it is
completely invisible to the user. It is not displayed in the application list,
user menus or user settings.  Instead, it resides silently in the
protected device, undetectable even against sophisticated voltage monitoring
methods. The software continuously and unobtrusively monitors all
attempts to open data ports and continuously blocks these attempts.


relative ease, an employee of a media company can monitor, edit, and intercept
cell phone communications. However with the
Ultimate Armor App software installed, intercepting and monitoring of any type
on the cell phone is impossible. The SSM software is setup in such a way that
it can immediately identify any surveillance program and instantly remove the
program and further block and close the phone’s leaking data ports,” Michael
Franco said.


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