USA Technologies launches mobile acceptance solution for retailers

Telecom Lead America: USA Technologies has launched ePort
Mobile, a mobile acceptance solution for retailers.


Retailers and other merchants will benefit as they will
have the ability to accept credit and debit cards on the go through USAT’s
secure, turnkey ePort Connect service platform.


ePort Mobile will offer three levels of data security.
Credit card data is encrypted twice and is transmitted using a proprietary
communication protocol.


It features card magnetic swipe reader option designed
for commercial applications.


It is designed to have the ability to integrate ePort Mobile
sales and transaction data with other USAT products, including ePort G8, EDGE
and SDK.


ePort Mobile customers, through USAT’s turnkey ePort
Connect service, will receive merchant account setup and there is no need for
customers to establish their own merchant accounts.


It also ensures automatic processing, settlement and
transfer of money due to customers into their bank account.

Moreover, it has online sales and reconciliation
reporting that integrates into many existing accounting systems for easy


24/7 customer and consumer support for technical
assistance and consumer billing inquiries is yet another feature.


USA Technologies Chairman and CEO, Stephen P. Herbert,
said USA Technologies’ leadership position in the industry was predominately
built by making it easy for traditionally cash-based businesses to go cashless
by offering a seamless, secure and turnkey way to accept cashless payments.


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