VBrick Systems announces solutions for high-quality IP video performance


VBrick Systems announced H.264 Encoding Appliances with
Internet Information Services (IIS) Smooth Streaming capabilities that power
quality IP video playback on PCs, smartphones and other devices regardless of
network bandwidth, available screen resolution or processor capability.


This announcement differentiates VBrick
as one of the only providers with a purpose-built encoding appliance integrated
into the Microsoft Media Platform.



VBrick has made a simply amazing encoder. After
comparison with several other Encoding Appliances, including some intensive
head-to-head evaluation, I can confidently say that the VBrick H.264 encoding
appliance is by far the best portable IIS Smooth Streaming encoding solution in
terms of performance, robustness and overall capabilities,”  said Ismayeel
Syed, chief technical architect, Aviva.



There are a number of major market and technology trends
coalescing around the need for greater IP video 



First, as enterprises large and small continue to adopt
video as a primary communications medium to power everything from CEO
broadcasts to training, CIOs and network managers must meet user demand for
high-performance playback that dynamically adapts to network and device
conditions without buffering.



Secondly, as organizations upgrade their servers with the
latest IIS Smooth Streaming-enabled operating systems, users will begin
embracing the rich media experience this technology provides.



VBrick’s Encoding Appliances together with the Microsoft
Media Platform provide robust video delivery to desktops, laptops, smartphones
and tablets, within an enterprise or across the Internet. Microsoft is pleased
to work with VBrick in the enterprise industry with IIS Smooth Streaming and
VBrick’s H.264 Encoding Appliances,” said David Sayed, senior product manager,
Microsoft Corp.



By Telecomlead.com Team
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