VDSL port shipments grew to record level

port shipments reached a record level in the first quarter of 2011, surging
almost 50 pecent over the year-ago period, according to Dell’Oro Group.

“With ADSL being a mature technology with limited
bandwidth capabilities, many service providers are upgrading their networks
with high-speed VDSL or PON equipment to enable new, high-bandwidth intensive
services such as IPTV. In many situations, VDSL is also being used as part of
all-IP network transformations that utilize multiservice access nodes and soft
switches with the goal of decommissioning older TDM infrastructure,” said
Tam Dell’Oro, president of Dell’Oro Group.


report also indicates that VDSL growth was led by shipments to EMEA, which
almost doubled over the year-ago period and accounted for more than 60 percent
of worldwide VDSL shipments.  North America was the second largest region
for VDSL, accounting for a quarter of total VDSL.  The majority of these
were purchased by AT&T to support its U-verse IPTV service, the largest
fiber-to-the-node/VDSL upgrade project currently being deployed.


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