VelaTel appoints ZTE co-founder Luo Hongye as chairman of China business



VelaTel Global Communications, a US-based
provider of wireless broadband and telecom networks worldwide, announced that
it has appointed Luo Hongye as chairman, Legal Representative and a director of
Beijing Yunji Communications Technical Service.


Yunji Communications Technical Service is
VelaTel’s operating subsidiary in China.


“We are very pleased that Luo has
accepted our appointment as Chairman and Executive Director of Yunji. His
experience in the telecommunications industry, and his ongoing contacts and
relationships with other industry leaders in China, are invaluable to
VelaTel,” said VelaTel’s President Colin Tay.


VelaTel formed Yunji in April 2011 to
qualify as a wholly owned foreign enterprise (WFOE) under PRC law, an important
requirement for the ability of VelaTel to conduct business requiring capital
investment in the PRC.


Yunji will be the contracting party for the
exclusive services agreement that is currently being negotiated as contemplated
under VelaTel’s recently announced Business Agreement with Aerostrong Company
to deliver wireless broadband access and related telecommunications services.


As executive director, Luo will lead the
negotiations between Yunji and other strategic partners who may play a role in
the services Yunji will deliver to CASC.


Luo has extensive background in the
telecommunications industry, most notably his role as a Co-Founder and past
Director of International Marketing for ZTE Corporation.


Although Luo has retired from ZTE, he was
instrumental in assisting VelaTel to secure a global strategic memorandum of
understanding with ZTE.


Recently, VelaTel Global Communications  announced its agreement with Aerostrong
Company of China last month.


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