VeriFone Enables Turkey’s pay-at-pump Systems


VeriFone Systems announced a contract to supply the first unattended pay-at-the-pump and digital media solution in Turkey.



Petline Petroleum, a petroleum distributor, will begin implementing VeriFone’s MX760 unattended payment solution at its SELFSTOP self-service dispensers beginning in May.



Turkey is one of Europe’s leading credit card markets, but until now consumers have not been able to utilize pay-at-the-pump technologies.



VeriFone is first to deliver automated payment solutions for Turkey’s retail petroleum market, which has an estimated 75,000 fuel dispensers. Petline can utilize the payment system screens to display commercials and promotional videos as customers are fueling their vehicles.



As the global leader in payment solutions and specifically in secure petroleum payment systems, VeriFone was a natural choice to provide the payment component for our self-service project,” said Petline General Manager Adnan Ãœnal.



Petline’s decision to deploy automated payment systems at self-service fuel dispensers represents VeriFone’s continued efforts to bring new card payment capabilities to unexploited market segments,” said Soner ÇaÅŸur, VeriFone vice president and general manager, South East Europe.



VeriFone delivers a variety of payment solutions designed to meet the needs of petroleum retailers worldwide and make it easy for marketers to accept credit, debit, check, EBT and smart card payments.




The VeriFone MX760 is designed for both outdoor and indoor unattended environments like petro, ticketing, kiosks, QSRs and ATMs. The system operates in demanding outdoor environments with a rugged PIN pad that is PCI and EMV Level 1 and Level 2 approved and uses a manual-insert card reader with no motors or drive belts to wear out or fail.




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