Verizon expands telepresence reach through pact with Tata Communications


Verizon announced it is extending the range of its
immersive video, or telepresence, offering to enable virtual face-to-face
collaboration in more locations around the world, under a new agreement with
Tata Communications.


The agreement with Tata Communications enables meetings to
take place between Verizon’s telepresence customers and any public or private
telepresence room on the Tata Communications Global Meeting Exchange, which is
one of the broadest telepresence networks accessible today and a gateway to the
company’s public room network spanning 31 cities on five continents.



This will supplement Verizon’s telepresence offering
powered by its expansive global Private Internet Protocol Network service.
Similarly, Tata Communications telepresence customers can use Verizon’s
facilities to communicate with Verizon customers.



Telepresence replicates face-to-face interactions so
realistically that it feels as though everyone is in the same room, even though
they may be hundreds or thousands of miles apart.  By leveraging
collaboration technology to replace in-person meetings, telepresence reduces
travel time and cost while reducing the carbon emissions associated with
business travel.



As a result, the service makes collaboration among
employees, customers, suppliers and business partners more efficient and



Video is the new voice for business, and it’s becoming
more and more available to meet the changing nature of work.” said Farooq
Muzaffar, vice president of enterprise network and
communications solutions, Verizon.



As businesses expand beyond
the traditional four walls of an office building, we’re seeing more of our
customers turning to advanced collaboration tools like telepresence for a
bigger impact on their overall productivity and performance,” Muzaffar added.



Verizon and Tata Communications customers currently can
use Cisco TelePresence to conduct intercarrier telepresence meetings.
Plans are under way to establish similar agreements with other immersive video
providers and services to further expand the availability of telepresence.



are delighted to welcome Verizon to our global telepresence partner ecosystem.
Intercarrier connections such as this one will benefit customers by offering a
broader telepresence business ecosystem that connects regardless of network or
service provider,” said
Quinlan, vice president, integrated business video services, Tata



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