Verizon to improve Epsilon’s data security with new security technologies


Epsilon will be among the first enterprises to deploy a
set of new Verizon security technologies, which provide a significant
improvement over conventional methods of data-breach detection.  The new
capabilities will enable Epsilon to identify and mitigate so-called electronic
crimes in motion” in a way that has not been possible until now. 


To accomplish this, Epsilon tapped into Verizon‘s
expertise and data to establish a baseline for normal network behavior.
With that baseline in place, the company now is alerted by Verizon to incidents
that are not normal, and receives near real-time notification of other
indicators of behaviors of an attack.


With Verizon’s assistance, Epsilon now can eliminate
analyzing thousands of lines of log data an extremely time-consuming and
tedious task, much like looking for a needle in a haystack.


In order to offer this capability, Verizon is combining
intelligence from its expansive global IP network, its database of breach
statistics one of the largest available anywhere – and its frontline
experiences with the world’s most sophisticated hackers to create a custom
solution that resides within the Verizon cloud.


Our relationship with Verizon gives us access to some of
the best security tools, technologies and expertise in the world to combat
cybercrime,” said Bryan Kennedy, president and CEO of Epsilon.


Epsilon has already made significant progress in
enhancing security measures and remains focused on creating a more secure
environment using the most sophisticated resources available to protect our
clients and their customers from cyberattacks. Unfortunately, these days, data
breaches are a very real, ongoing threat and that’s why partnering with the
best is so critical to us,” Bryan added.


In addition to keeping Epsilon ahead of attacks,
Verizon’s cloud-based solution, which is delivered through its Terremark
subsidiary, enables Epsilon to avoid buying, maintaining and configuring
hardware or software and reduces the impact on its network operations.


As part of the work that Verizon completed for Epsilon,
other stronger security measures also will be deployed, including highly
restrictive access to its email platform as well as enhancing user security by
implementing two-factor authentication. This authentication is a security
process that requires two means of identification to gain system access, adding
significant additional protections to traditional strong password requirements.


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