Verizon to unify global telecom infrastructure for Springer


scientific publisher Springer selected Verizon’s integrated networking solution
to help unify Springer’s global network infrastructure.

Springer works
with some of the world’s best academics and authors, delivering high-quality
knowledge and information to customers around the globe through its network of
55 publishing houses in 20 countries.

Verizon is providing
Springer with a fully managed virtual private networking solution with
professional services support. This flexible advanced IP environment can be
quickly scaled to accommodate the future deployment of solutions, such as Voice
over IP (VoIP) and unified communications. It will enable Springer to adopt a more consistent approach to information
delivery and streamline the company’s IT operations.


net result will be a more efficient and cost-effective operation, capable of
delivering information to Springer’s researcher, student and professional
customers when and how required.


connects, monitors and manages the private network that connects Springer
companies. Within this network we’re able to assign priorities to the various
types of network traffic, which has a positive effect on our critical business
applications,” said Jaap Schipper, head of network and telephony, Springer.


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