Verizon unveils Tablet-based solution with mobile tools to improve sales

Telecom Lead America: Verizon Enterprise Solutions
has introduced tablet-based solution that can be customized by enterprises to
provide features such as handling point-of-sale payments and inventory


The solution equips mobile workers with custom tools for
boosting sales, improving service and increasing operational efficiency with
enterprise-grade security and device management built in.


The new offering features Android-based, durable,
enterprise tablets that have no preloaded applications.


The company said that organizations can employ
the Verizon Private Applications Store for Business to authorize
their employees to download enterprise apps that have been pre-approved by the
companies and are specific to their lines of business.


Vantiv, an integrated payment processor for businesses
and financial institutions in the U.S., is among the first enterprise users of
the new Verizon solution, deploying it as a mobile payment processor for
retailers and merchants using Vantiv’s payment systems.


Via the Verizon Machine-to-Machine Management Center, customers can
manage their tablets, including viewing real-time connection status and usage.


“Verizon is filling an important gap between the
‘bring your own device’ movement and IT departments endeavoring to tailor
consumer tablets for business,” said Janet Schijns, vice president of
vertical and mid-market solutions for Verizon Enterprise Solutions.


Verticals such as transportation, retail and financial
services will reap benefits from this offering.


Under the transportation segment, companies can use the
tablets to monitor fuel prices, weather and construction conditions.  In
addition, when company mechanics encounter problems while servicing engines,
they can use the tablets to access technical manuals, demos and specialized


On the other hand, retail store associates can use the
tablets to manage store operations, monitor inventory, demonstrate products to
customers, accept coupons and scan a credit card for a purchase all from the
floor. In addition, Banks and payment processing companies can deliver valuable
new services for their merchant and retail customers, such as inventory
management and coupon scanning.


Verizon Enterprise combines 4G LTE with global Private IP
network service


Recently, Verizon Enterprise Solutions announced that it
is combining 4G LTE with its global Private IP network service to create a
highly secure, high-speed, high-capacity business platform.


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