Verscom Solutions launches integrated suite of B/OSS applications

Telecom Lead America: OSS-BSS solutions provider Verscom Solutions has launched ODINE VOSS, an integrated suite of B/OSS applications.

Mehmet Balos, CEO of Verscom Solutions

The new B/OSS application is designed to manage all aspects of IP Voice interconnect and wholesale voice business efficiently and accurately.

ODINE VOSS, according to IDI, is an innovative monitoring solution for VoIP networks. ODINE VOSS relies on Call Detail Records (CDR) as well as other available device dependent information that is collected and processed in near real-time, and then stored in a centralized database for reporting, alarming and dashboards.

“VOSS empowers telecom carriers with real-time visibility into their networks through network performance and advanced traffic analysis, enabling significantly improve operations efficiency,” said Cem Ertal, vice president of R&D and Services, Verscom Solutions.

VOSS is designed to rapidly find, diagnose and fix issues before they become revenue affecting problems for carriers.

“Carriers are faced with unique challenges related to the deployment of a new voice signaling technology, multi-vendor equipment interoperability issues and multiple transmission technologies in their networks,” said Mehmet Balos, CEO of Verscom Solutions.

“VoIP brings with it the requirement to view your network in a new light where metrics that didn’t exist in the TDM world must be monitored by carriers in order to effectively assess the health of networks and assure the quality of the calls that transit them. ODINE VOSS has been specifically designed to address these new monitoring and analysis requirements,” Balos added.


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