Verscom Technologies unveils Odine Advanced Products


Telecom software company Verscom Technologies announced the launch of its ODINE Suite of Packet-Voice Interconnect Routing, Billing and Service Management products.



The ODINE Suite is compromised of three products – VBS, VRIE and VRS. The new products deliver innovative billing, routing. and service management tools to help lower operational costs, realize stabilized margins and maximize business and network performance.



With the ODINE Suite, we are leveraging our Verscom International Group Companies’ rich global expertise in the different verticals of packet-voice interconnect and exchange infrastructures and wholesale voice business,” said Gokce Bilyay, CEO for Verscom International.



We have deep technology, engineering and operational experience in packet-voice interconnect infrastructure and services thanks to our Verscom Solutions and Verscom Managed Services companies that have delivered wholesale interconnect solutions to 70+ clients across EMEA. Our main objective is to address the wholesale market’s evolving requirements with carrier class, high-quality yet affordable advanced TDM or VoIP interconnect routing and billing solutions,” Bilyay added.



VRS is the high-performance SIP Redirect Server that assures efficient and simplified route management for complex VoIP networks involving multi-node, multi-site or multi-vendor network scenarios.





While simplifying network operation through the centralization of key routing control and thus resulting in the savings in both OPEX and CAPEX, VRS SIP Redirect also facilitates the implementation of advanced routing policies like exception routing.



VRIE is the Route Intelligence Engine with the central business intelligence platform that mediates dynamic and static information from multiple resources to routable policy elements at its core. Built on top of this central module is a comprehensive route policy management and route provisioning system that allows development and rapid implementation of optimized network routing plans according to multi-dimensional data: Dynamic network information such as traffic and quality; financial data such as cost, revenue, loss and exception handling policies defined by the users.



VBS is the Interconnect Billing and Analytics Platform. VBS collects and mediates Call Detail Records (CDRs) from different VoIP network elements to provide holistic analytics of Business Performance with advanced graphical and table reports.



By introducing VBS, VoIP carriers can benefit from enhanced features like Agreement Management, Automated Rate Upload and Prefix Management, Invoicing, Prepaid Account Management, Profit management and Revenue Assurance.



A new product line with O-Series” product code is currently under development and the launch is expected to be in the 3rd quarter of this year. O-Series products will feature innovative tools such as network engineering analytics, numbering, number portability, and address translation.



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