Verve provides dynamic mobile advt. units to RadioShack

Telecom Lead America: Verve Wireless, a U.S. mobile
advertising company specializing in location centric solutions, has announced
that RadioShack, an electronics retailer, has leveraged Verve’s dynamic mobile
Ad units to drive In-Store traffic.

Verve Wireless ran back-to-back mobile campaigns for
RadioShack that showcased the evolution of targeted mobile advertising, and the
application towards driving offline/ brick n’ mortar retail sales.

“It is professionally gratifying to see brands like
RadioShack, and their agency Mindshare, take advantage of some of the more
advanced mobile advertising solutions we have on our premium network, and how
these techniques are driving direct business success,” said Greg
Hallinan, chief marketing officer at Verve Wireless.

RadioShack’s agency Mindshare Chicago took advantage of
Verve’s advanced targeting, precision location aware network, and anonymous
consumer indexing.

RadioShack’s agency Mindshare Chicago put together
a program that tied together mobile circulars and location-aware dynamic ads
that exceeded all measures of success.

“We partnered with Verve because we knew they could
help us move beyond the banner and create a mobile strategy that addressed the
client’s key objectives in a unique and innovative fashion,”
said Elizabeth Elliott, senior associate, mobile consultant at Mindshare

The initial campaign ran through the holiday shopping
season and was recently renewed.  Key performance metrics from the initial
campaign showed 2x engagement rate over the national average.

The company said that performance of targeted dynamic ads
peaked on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, while overall click-through-rates were
highest on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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