Videojet launches yellow ink targeting cable and wire industry

Telecom Lead America: Videojet Technologies. a
manufacturer of coding, printing and laser marking products, fluids and
accessories for the product identification industry, has unveiled V491-C yellow
ink for its 1710 printer model in the 1000 Line of continuous ink jet printers.

Videojet’s new V491-C yellow is formulated to resist ink
code transfer when printing on extruded and spooled cable and wire.

In addition, V491-C ink is ideal for cable printing and
coding various extruded rubber products prior to entering the high temperature
vulcanization curing process.

Our customers in the wire and cable marking
industry will benefit from a high-performing printer that is reliable,
easy to maintain and is now complemented by yet another high-contrast pigment
ink,” said John Kirschner, Videojet supplies marketing director.

The V491-C yellow ink helps cable and wire manufacturers
designate product qualifications and specifications with exceptional
readability on colored cable production lines where yellow ink provides optimal
contrast. Boasting excellent adhesion, the ink can withstand contact, pressure
and residual heat as freshly manufactured and coded cable or wire is spooled
for storage and shipment reducing the risk of ink code transfer and fading.

The Videojet 1710 printer and V491-C yellow ink combine
to provide an ink jet printing solution ideal for high temperature
vulcanization processes common to extruded rubber products. While most pigment
inks fade or even disappear completely during the curing process, the
V491-C yellow ink can withstand 350ËšF (117ËšC) high-pressure steam heat and
retain its color and critical code information.

The V491-C ink reliability provides code assurance to manufacturers
who need keen traceability of product batches and lots. In the event of a
recall, manufacturers can quickly track their product and take corrective
action to protect their customers.

Manufacturing processes in the wire, cable and extruded
products industries are difficult and costly to stop and restart, so printer
uptime, reliability and ease of maintenance are key. We’ve removed many of the
challenges associated with pigmented inks by automating once manual processes
and reducing maintenance so customers can reap the benefits of continual
high-performance from their ink jet printers,” Kirschner added.

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