Vidyo to launch scalable and high-quality video conferencing later this year

Telecom Lead America: Vidyo announced the VidyoRouter
Virtual Edition (VE), its scalable, high-quality video conferencing, will be
available later this year.

VidyoRouter VE provides enterprises and service providers
with unprecedented deployment flexibility in terms of their video conferencing
infrastructure, enhancing their ability to meet usage needs and maximize

The big differentiation in Vidyo’s strategy is that they
can virtualize the media plane, which means service providers will be able to
serve our existing customers much more efficiently, expand their footprints and
enter new markets with greater speed, easily enabling customers who are looking
to use video communications capabilities.

Vidyo platform is the basis of our iView Managed
Telepresence and Video Collaboration service. We are already very impressed
with the quality, flexibility and affordability of the Vidyo solution; being
able to virtualize it is yet another major boost for us and our
customers,” said Clive Sawkins, CEO of BCS Global Networks, a provider of video
conferencing, telepresence and visual collaboration services.

Enterprises and service providers can deliver HD
videoconferencing with the same capabilities and quality associated with
Vidyo’s VidyoRouter. Sharing licenses between sites and moving capacity between
them are now possible creating a multiple of additional cost savings for
multi-time zone operation or when disaster recover site needs to be created.

For enterprise customers, VidyoRouter VE reduces the
costs of deployment and wide area network usage since it can be deployed on
cloud computing resources anywhere in the world in minutes. This capability
enables the enterprise to distribute the video conferencing infrastructure so
that traffic can be localized anywhere there is a pocket of users, keeping more
traffic on the lower cost LAN bandwidth and off of the higher cost WAN.

“A virtualized VidyoRouter enables the enterprise
and service providers to deploy on existing data center hardware or in the
public cloud. They can provision capacity on-demand wherever and whenever
needed, plus deliver video conferencing services across the globe without
having to invest in dedicated appliances and fixed capacities and even get
disaster recovery capacity for free,” said Ofer Shapiro, co-founder and
CEO of Vidyo.

With VidyoRouter VE, service providers can now offer
unlimited multipoint scalability and low latency rate matching capability
on-demand to accelerate the adoption of high quality, universal video
conferencing on any endpoint. The product allows service providers to enter
into new markets with little investment and risk by utilizing available cloud
compute capacity instead of investing in physical plant and equipment ahead of
demand or until a market is proven.

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