Virgin America airline to launch Gogo’s ATG-4 technology


Gogo, a provider of in-flight connectivity and an
innovator in in-flight entertainment, and Virgin America, an airline, announced
that Virgin America will be the first airline to offer Gogo’s next generation
ATG-4 service. 


Gogo’s ATG-4 service will significantly enhance the ATG
network and improve aircraft WiFi capacity to the plane by approximately four
times the current performance through the addition of directional antenna,
dual-modem and EV-DO Rev. B technologies.


Virgin America
was the first carrier to offer fleetwide WiFi as of May 2009 via Aircell’s Gogo
service. Known for its innovative amenities including power outlets at
every seat, the airline regularly sees up to one-third of guests on its flights
logged on to the popular Gogo service. 


“As the only airline based in Silicon Valley our
tech-forward guests have come to expect a fully connected in-flight experience
on Virgin America,” said David Cush, president and CEO of Virgin America.


“With Gogo’s new ATG-4 technology, we’re excited to
see our long-time partner come to the table with a new offering that will
further improve the speed and performance of in-flight WiFi for our
guests,” Cush added.


Gogo’s ATG-4 service on Virgin America is scheduled for
delivery on aircraft beginning in the first half of 2012.  The new platform
is backwards compatible and allows for upgrades to existing ATG systems through
low cost retrofits. 


“Gogo is committed to meeting the ever evolving
connectivity needs of our airline partners,” said Michael Small, president
and CEO, Gogo.


“ATG-4’s increased capacity is a perfect solution to
meet Virgin America’s connectivity needs.   We will continue to
develop and offer a suite of technology solutions for our airline partners,
recognizing that this isn’t a one-size fits all market.  Our experience
has taught us the important lesson that multiple technologies will need to be
deployed over time, and our solutions are built to accommodate changes in
technology to meet the needs of every aircraft and mission – whether that’s
through ATG, ATG-4 or satellite technologies,” Small added.


Virgin America recently announced that it is teaming up
with Google to offer guests the opportunity to “test-fly” Google’s
new Chromebook for free onboard their flight and at select airport gates.



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