Virgin Mobile France deploys CSG Interconnect billing solution

Virgin Mobile France has deployed CSG Interconnect as a key component of its wholesale billing management solution.

CSG International on Friday said CSG Interconnect will automate partner management, carrier-to-carrier rating, billing and settlement and help speed disputes management and reconciliation.

It will provide Virgin Mobile France, the largest Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) in France with 1.7 million subscribers, with detailed financial reporting as well as interfaces to other systems.

Virgin Mobile, which invested in a full MVNO infrastructure and has the ability to use networks from both Orange and French telecommunications provider, SFR, for its customers, wants to establish an effective partner settlement management process and optimise the wholesale revenue opportunity.

The MVNO has the freedom to form additional domestic and international direct partner agreements including for voice, data and SMS/MMS interconnection.

The CSG Interconnect solution realised a positive return on investment within just several weeks of implementation by automatically identifying and processing partner traffic passing through its network, including complex traffic not spotted before, then applying agreed charges.

“Inter-carrier traffic is a huge contributor to operator costs and revenues,” said George Fraser, vice president of EMEA, CSG International. “CSG Interconnect offers operators the opportunity to maximize the returns they get not just by connecting with neighboring networks, but with the rest of the world.”

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