Vitelity Communications invests $1 million to build data center to offer hosting platforms

Vitelity Communications invested close to one million
dollars in the construction of its data center located in Englewood. The center
allows existing and future clients access to a number of hosting servers and
VoIP technology equipment.

With more than 8,000 square feet of space, the data
center is optimized for maximum VoIP functionality. Key features include:
PCI-compliant, 50Gbit IP network capacity, UPS battery backup with failover to
diesel generators and 24/7 monitored security.

Unlike other data centers, Vitelity’s facility allows
customers to either use their own servers or those provided by Vitelity.
Servers are customized according to each customer’s needs and work with
Vitelity’s networks and all other carriers, which few hosting providers offer.

The servers connect directly to the nation’s major
telecommunication carriers including Level (3), XO, Pacwest, Paetec, and Global
Crossing. The center also supports all major PBX platforms.

“Vitelity is offering a data center space unlike
other hosting providers,” said Brian Ford, vice president of operations,

“Our clients have access to numerous hosting
platforms and VoIP services unmatched by our competitors. Since we’ve only
utilized 10 percent of our total capacity, we have endless opportunities for
our clients to expand and grow their VoIP business,” Ford added.

The data center allows Vitelity to offer a range of
affordable hosting plans from virtual hosting to high-density build-outs to
hosting multiple servers. Vitelity maintains a surplus of equipment and
technology devices that give it access to major competitive local exchange
carriers (CLECs).

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