Vizz Mobile unveils prepaid airtime credit transfer from the UK to Africa

Vizz Mobile unveiled its newest mobile operator, Vizz
Africa, promising unrivalled call quality, clear pricing, flexibility,
reliability and the UK’s first prepaid airtime credit transfer from the UK to

Vizz Africa mobile SIM card allows the African community
living, working and travelling to the UK, to communicate with their friends and
relatives in Africa. Vizz Africa will provide upfront, clear and transparent
pricing for its users.

Vizz Africa and its parent company, telecoms operator
QiComm have a number of international tie-ups to rely on and long-term
relationships with the major African mobile operators.

These associations enable Vizz Africa to offer a quality
of service which is unparalleled in mobile communications between the UK and Africa;
bringing an end to dropped calls and failed messages.

“The African community in the UK is naturally
conscious of the cost of getting in touch with their loved ones back home, but
they also want reliable, high quality services and a convenient means of credit
transfer.” said Pat Nabhan, CEO of QiComm.

“They are natural MVNO customers but that doesn’t
mean they should have to put up with text message delivery failures, dropped calls
and patchy quality of service,” Nabhan added.

Its prepaid airtime credit transfer allows Vizz Africa
customers to conveniently, safely and instantly transfer prepaid mobile credits
to their friends and family in Africa directly from their Vizz Africa SIM.

To make the transfer, subscribers can use SMS, customer
services and online services. This allows contact to continue, even if loved
ones are out of credit, as the Vizz Africa user can transfer credit to enable
them to stay in touch at all times.

“Our great strengths are our deep knowledge of the
market and our strong ties to African operators,” said Saj Nabhan, Vizz
Africa Head of Carrier Sales.

“Our awareness of the needs of the African community
and unprecedented operator partnerships with operators in the region enable us
to offer Vizz Africa users an optimum level of service,” Nabhan added.

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