Vodafone Turkey Boosts Network Resilience with Adtran’s Timing Technology

Vodafone has taken a significant step towards enhancing the resilience of its network in Turkey by deploying Adtran’s Oscilloquartz optical cesium atomic clock technology.
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This deployment, announced by Adtran, marks a milestone in Vodafone Turkey’s business, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity as the company prepares for the rollout of 5G services.

Adtran says its solution provides robust protection against disruptions to Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) signals, which are critical for network synchronization.

By integrating Adtran’s Oscilloquartz core grandmaster clock devices with the new optical cesium atomic clock technology, Vodafone Turkey has implemented an Enhanced Primary Reference Time Clock (ePRTC+) solution.

This solution guarantees accurate network synchronization even during GNSS unavailability, ensuring seamless user experiences for customers accessing data-intensive applications and high-quality video streaming.

Yago Lopez, Network Director at Vodafone Turkey, emphasized the importance of the new solution in enhancing service performance and addressing emerging timing challenges.

“Our new solution injects outstanding reliability and precision into our national synchronization network,” said Lopez. “It safeguards synchronization input for our network and ensures it remains stable in the most challenging conditions.”

For enhanced redundancy, Vodafone Turkey is strategically deploying Adtran’s Oscilloquartz ePRTC+ across five different sites. The solution includes the Oscilloquartz OSA 3350 ePRC+, known for its high-performance frequency stability achieved through optical pumping technology. This technology ensures optimal stability, surpassing industry standards and outperforming the lifespan of other high-performance cesium clocks.

Stuart Broome, GM of EMEA Sales at Adtran, highlighted the significance of the deployment for Vodafone Turkey’s network reliability and service quality. “With its deployment of our ePRTC+ system, Vodafone Turkey is introducing next-level timing resilience into its network. It will help Vodafone Turkey set new benchmarks in network reliability and service quality.”