Vodafone WorldTraveller announced for £5 a day

Telecom service provider Vodafone UK said its Pay monthly user, including business travelers on certain business price plans, can take their existing UK minutes, texts and data with them to destinations across the globe for £5 a day under a new plan called Vodafone WorldTraveller.

Vodafone’s Pay monthly customers can utilize the special plan when visiting nations such as the U.S., India, Australia, New Zealand, Egypt, Ghana, Qatar and South Africa.

They can utilize the plan for talking, texting and surfing the web. There is no need to pay for calls and texts received.

By calling 5555 customers can opt in for no extra charge and they will only pay for the days they use their mobile.

Meanwhile, Vodafone EuroTraveller has more than 1.5 million customers. Till the end of August, Pay monthly customers who opt into Vodafone EuroTraveller can use their UK minutes, text and data in its Europe Zone for extra £2 a day.

With Vodafone WorldTraveller, there’s no charge for receiving calls or texts and customers will pay for the days they use their mobile abroad.