VoIP Callers Talk More Than Mobile Phone Users

Openmind Networks, a provider of VoIP and messaging solutions, announced results of a recent market study of mobile VoIP users.

Openmind found that subscribers of its mobile VoIP and messaging solution, Portico are talking on average, over two and a half (2.5) times longer than the average mobile voice call. This trend is significant as it points to valuable revenue opportunities for mobile operators as they compete with Skype and other over-the-top service providers.

The study was carried out amongst Portico users from April 22-25, 2011 over a busy holiday weekend.

With Portico,  users can make and receive calls and texts using their existing mobile number by using a personal webphone, accessed online from their mobile service provider’s portal. Users can make calls for the same cost of a local mobile call, even when abroad. The launch of the service has discouraged subscribers from using over-the-top services such as Skype and offers a more compelling user experience.

As users continue to use the Portico solution, Openmind has found that service and call duration steadily increases. In one market, the average call duration increased to over four times longer than average normal mobile phone calls in that market. Users are now motivated to remain on their mobile network when abroad and usage profiles demonstrate interesting scope for new revenues for mobile operators.

Portico is also available as a smartphone and tablet device application.

By TelecomLead.com Team