VTech’s Unveils Connect-to-Cell Cordless Phone with HD Audio

VTech Communications, a wholly owned subsidiary of VTech Holdings and the largest U.S. cordless phone manufacturer, introduced its latest selection of innovative home communication systems designed to deliver the best sound quality, security, range and style in cordless phones, all priced under $100.  


The new DS6421-3 system allows consumers to answer cellular calls with the quality and reliability of a landline phone, while delivering enhanced features such as push-to-talk (PTT) “walkie-talkie”  capability for immediate communication throughout the house and HD audio for the clearest call experience.  


For superior sound quality, VTech’s latest cordless phones combine HD Audio with an equalizer to select from four different audio profiles, plus DECT 6.0 technology that prevents wireless interference from other electronic devices. In addition, VTech phones now offer Voice Announce Caller ID, which audibly broadcasts the name or number of the caller to enable easier call screening without rushing to look at the phone display.


Consumers want a reliable, comfortable and clear communication solution in the home, and integration with the mobile experience is an added bonus to unify and improve home calling capabilities”, said Matt Ramage, senior vice president, product management, VTech Communications. Our goal with the DS6421-3 system, as well as all our 2011 models, is to provide products that answer the lifestyle needs of consumers, whether they are a busy family of five or sophisticated on-the-go urban dwellers”.  


With VTech’s Connect-to-Cell capability, mobile phone users can access the benefits of a landline system – no dropped calls and clear sound quality – by using the DS6421-3 to answer cellular calls and to make outbound calls using cellular minutes while at home.  In addition, cord-cutters who have cellular service only can still receive the benefits of a multiple-handset cordless system with the DS6421-3.  


Users can improve the cellular signal in the home by strategically placing the DS6421-3 base where reception is the strongest, and then putting the extra DS6421 handsets throughout the home to avoid the mad dash to answer calls while the cell phone is charging.  


The DS6421-3 system can register up to four cell phones, and two cellular phones can be connected to the system at one time. Working as a virtual two-line system, users can talk on a cellular call on one handset, while another handset is used simultaneously for a landline call. For added convenience, the DS6421-3 can download up to 6,000 cell phonebook directories into the system.


Expandable with up to 12 handsets, or 10 cordless handsets and two cordless headsets, the DS6421 series also includes PTT “walkie talkie”  functionality for the quickest communication possible throughout the home.  PTT is ideal for large homes, home-based businesses or small offices by enabling instant voice communication through the handset speakerphone to make household announcements or have one-to-one conversations with someone in another room.  


By TelecomLead.com Team
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