Vu Telepresence launches video conferencing services for $89 per month

Telecom Lead America: Vu Telepresence has launched video
conferencing services for $89 per month.


Vu Telepresence claims that the Telepresence-as-a-Service
(TaaS) enables users to implement the technology into their offices and
operations without any hidden costs.


For $89 per month, companies increase worker
productivity, reduce travel costs, ensure faster decision-making, and increase
relationship development as a result of regular face-to-face communication with
customers and colleagues.


The monthly package offers complete hardware package
(codec, 720p camera, wireless keyboard, speaker and microphone), unlimited use
and no additional user fees.


With a 30 day free look, Vu Telepresence allows the user
to return the hardware – with no questions asked. Vu stands firmly behind the
Telepresence-as-a-Service model and its total customer satisfaction guarantee.


Vu Telepresence Co-Founder Devita Saraf said users can
look at this as a monthly operational cost and therefore are able to justify
the expense compared to a large capital expenditure. With seamless
interoperability, a company can easily expand their current network, utilizing
the TaaS model, making any meeting room a Vu Telepresence room.


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