Vu Telepresence releases Vu Telepresence 3.0

Telecom Lead America: Vu Telepresence has upgraded its
existing solution with the release of Vu Telepresence 3.0, a more robust
version of the Vu Pro.


Till now, its primary focus has been on the SMB market,
with its core business deriving from the consulting, finance, healthcare, legal
and education verticals.


With the upgrade, Vu Telepresence will venture out into
new markets.


Vu plans to set its sights on companies with existing
video conferencing systems, plus those who are new to the technology.


Enterprises will benefit as Vu Telepresence 3.0, with
enterprise capability and all of the benefits of its current technology, can be
deployed both on the Internet for business-to-business communication, as well
as on MPLS (multiprotocol label switching) for private company networks for
internal collaboration needs.


Devita Saraf, co-founder of Vu Telepresence, claims that
through innovative engineering and research, Vu continues to differentiate
itself from the competition, by developing next generation telepresence that is
high-end, yet affordable.


Vu Telepresence said while other providers may limit customers’
use and function with costly upgrades, Vu systems come standard with HD video
quality (720p and 1080p); HD audio; H.323, SIP and XMPP interoperability;
customizable user interface; dual display support; desktop collaboration;
recording and archival functionality; and multi-party conferencing (4+1).


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