Vu TelePresence unveils BusinessLoop program

Vu TelePresence announced the launch
of its BusinessLoop Program, a cost-effective initiative designed to promote
video conferencing communication among Vu customers and their clients. For a
refundable deposit and a small monthly fee, existing Vu TelePresence customers
can send their clients a Vu unit to use on a daily basis.

Our mission from the very beginning
has been to democratize telepresence across the SMB market, as we’ve found it
to be a sector that has been virtually ignored by other telepresence
providers,” said Devita Saraf, chief executive officer of Vu TelePresence.

We saw an opportunity to integrate
Vu into everyday client activities by fully incorporating it into our customer
business models. Vu is not just another method of communication – it is the
next telephone, and we are giving all parties a chance to realize its business
effectiveness,” Saraf added.

According to a Vu TelePresence survey,
majority of small businesses feel challenged in maintaining and managing
critical client relationships. As a result, Vu is addressing the pain points
customers face on a daily basis, such as business travel expenses and client
management, by offering trials to small business owners who presently do not
use video conferencing.

The BusinessLoop Program is a strictly external-focused initiative promoting face-to-face interaction
among Vu customers and their clients. Existing customers can purchase the
system and distribute to clients to connect. Clients who receive a Vu system
will only be able to connect with the customer who provides them with a unit.

One of the companies using this
program is Taylor Business Group, which has seven clients to which it provides
consulting services remotely via Vu TelePresence.

On average, I was traveling 1600
hours per year, but now, as my clients have started adopting Vu TelePresence,
my travel time has decreased by forty percent,” said Josh Peterson, consultant
at Taylor Business Group.

Previously, my customers were
bearing the cost of my travel, but today with the implementation of this
program, I’m able to remove the cost burden from my clients while taking on new
customers and spending more time doing what I want to do,” Peterson added.

The Vu TelePresence system is
designed for private conversations among a maximum of 9 locations, and is
suited for individual practices, employee conferences, remote workers, employee
offices and executive suites.

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