Wataniya Telecom completes phase 2 of convergent charging and billing project

Telecom Lead Middle East: Kuwait’s top mobile service
provider Wataniya Telecom has completed the second phase of a Convergent
Charging and Billing project.

The project aims to enhance Wataniya Telecom’s customer experience by offering
various mobile packages while optimizing the value in a cost efficient

As part of the project, Ericsson integrated its Charging System 5.0 (CS 5.0)
into Wataniya Telecom’s existing infrastructure replacing its IN Pre-paid

With the deployment of CS 5.0, 1.8 million pre-paid subscriptions were migrated
to the new system allowing them to enjoy individualized and premium experience
while benefiting from flexible tariffs as well as bonuses and awards.

Customers will also be able to choose how they are billed, with a breakdown of
what they are paying for, see how much they have spent and how much additional
services cost.

“We are always looking for ways to enhance our customers’
experience. Adopting new technologies and solutions such as Ericsson’s new
charging system 5.0 reflects our commitment to continuously provide upgraded,
world-class services that will add value to our customers’ lives,” said Hisham
Siblini, CTO Wataniya Telecom.

Ericsson has provided operators with real-time charging capabilities since 1996
and now more than 1 billion subscribers with more than 165 operators are
charged using the Charging System.

“Ericsson is the market leader in the real-time charging solutions domain.
Customers’ requirements are always changing, increasing the pressure on telecom
operators and service providers to become more customer-centric,” said Ray
Hassan, president and head of Ericsson Gulf Council Countries (GCC).

They are increasingly expecting higher levels of transparency and control and
want to feel that they can interact with their service provider on their terms,
and at times that suit them. Through the deployment of this project, we
are positive that Wataniya Telecom will not only meet the customers’
ever-changing needs but will surpass them,” Hassan added.

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