WatchGuard Introduces Fireware XTM 11.4.1

 WatchGuard announced the release of Fireware XTM and WSM 11.4.1, with several significant enhancements and many bug fixes in various product areas.

Fireware XTM 11.4.1 gives administrators an important new way to safeguard Internet users from objectionable or harmful Web content. The HTTP-Client proxy action now has an option to enforce the safe search filtering included in major search engines to make sure that users, especially children, do not see adult content in their search results.

All major search engines are covered, including Google, Bing, Yahoo, and The safe search feature also enforces safety mode on YouTube to filter out and remove any objectionable content or comments. By setting this option at the gateway, administrators override whatever preference their users set in their browsers.


Numerous MIBS have been added to Fireware XTM’s SNMP support, making it possible to monitor many different parameters of device operation.

WatchGuard added support for the Shrew Soft IPSec client. As of April 20, 2011, WatchGuard will no longer distribute the WatchGuard Mobile VPN with IPSec client (powered by NCP), but customers who already use that client will be able to continue to do so with no change to support or services.

Many new applications have been added to the Application Control database since the release of Fireware XTM 11.4.

Several usability enhancements make it easier and faster to set application policies.


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