Wateen Telecom launches V3 cloud-based video conferencing solution for enterprises


Pakistan mobile operator Wateen Telecom has launched V3, a cloud-based video conferencing solution for enterprises.

Wateen claims that it is the first cloud-based video conferencing services provider in Pakistan that has its own dedicated video conferencing servers.

Other video conference solutions providers are unable to sustain the connection in case of a 2 percent packet drop, V3 can continue to work seamlessly even when there is a 20 percent packet drop.


V3 services don’t require any hardware investment. Wateen is also offering additional savings on bundling the service with Wateen bandwidth.

“V3 doesn’t require any hardware investment or any technical expertise, which makes it a cost effective solution for organizations that are looking to adopt high-definition video conferencing through a cloud platform as a means of reducing travel costs and improving communication and collaboration in the workplace,” said Wateen CEO Naeem Zamindar.

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