Wavelink and NitroDesk to enhance data security for Android devices


Wavelink, a provider of multi-vendor mobile device
management, and NitroDesk, a developer of the Exchange ActiveSync-based email
solution for Android devices, announced the integration of Wavelink Avalanche
and NitroDesk TouchDown.


This extends the mobile security of Wavelink Avalanche to
include data security, policy enforcement and compliance to the email


Wavelink Avalanche includes device management for
smartphones and tablets, including device-specific interfaces for many
different types of Android devices.


By integrating with NitroDesk TouchDown, companies can
manage the connection with Microsoft Exchange. Administrators can centrally
configure a server name, and the end user can connect by entering their
username and password.


This allows easy provisioning and management of the
corporate data contained in emails, calendars, contacts and tasks that are
synced between the Exchange Server and the TouchDown application.


“Many more employees are now using their personal
Android-powered devices to connect to their corporate Exchange server,”
said Ronald Goins, COO of NitroDesk.


“This can greatly increase productivity, but it also
places a huge burden on enterprises to make sure their information is secure
and compliance standards are being met. By integrating our product with
Wavelink Avalanche, companies can easily enforce policies and protect devices
and their data against inappropriate use,” Goins added.


“Android devices are no longer just for personal
use; they are now being used extensively within the enterprise. However,
Android devices do not have a standardized, manageable interface for Microsoft
Exchange. By partnering with the leading, third-party client for Exchange on
Android devices, organizations can manage the device and the Exchange data on
it to ensure that sensitive corporate data is kept secure regardless of where
that personal device may go,” said Jay Cichosz, vice president of
marketing, Wavelink.


Wavelink Avalanche provides the centralized
configuration, deployment and management of mobile devices such as smartphones,
tablets, rugged handhelds and mobile printers and wireless infrastructure,
working seamlessly across local and wide area networks.


It improves the productivity of mobile workers, increases
network security and reduces the total cost associated with owning and managing
mobile devices and peripherals.


With Avalanche, administrators are able to track devices
and receive key information about them, including street-level mapping of their
location, platform data, battery levels, Wi-Fi status, Bluetooth information,
VPN configuration and more.


Devices that are lost or stolen can be wiped or locked
remotely to protect corporate data, and administrators can create, revise and
deploy policies and limit access to peripheral devices or unapproved


Wavelink Corporation recently announced a partnership
with iPad Enclosures, the makers of the secure iPad kiosk and other tablet
kiosks, to provide remote management of tablet-based kiosks.


With iPad Enclosures protecting the devices and kiosks
and Wavelink providing remote management of tablets, organizations now have an
affordable solution for provisioning, deploying and maintaining multiple tablet
computer kiosks.


By Telecomlead,com Team
[email protected]