WDS, ZTE launch 3 ZTE Android phones in Thailand

By Telecom Lead Team: Wireless
Device Supply, mobile phone distributor in Thailand and ZTE announced the joint
release of three Android terminals in Thailand, the ZTE Racer 2, the ZTE Blade
and the ZTE V9+. 


Device Supply has chosen these Android terminals because of their wide array of
functions, cost-effective price points and popularity in the United States and


2012, the mobile phone market in Thailand expects to see sales of 17 million
units, a 15 per cent increase from last year. More Thai people are buying
smartphones and tablets and now prefer mobile phones with diverse utilities
such as easy access to social networks and multimedia support. We expect the
partnership with ZTE to be a success because the company’s products provide
these features,” said WDS Thailand Managing Director Thakolrat Kaewkan.


ZTE Racer II is available at a special price for AIS customers and available
with a special package, which includes 100 minutes of talk time and 100MB of
data on the AIS 3G/EDGE+ network.


ZTE Blade has a 3.5-inch wide screen, runs Android 2.2 on the Froyo OS. The ZTE
V9+ tablet also runs Andriod 2.2. on Froyo, has a 1GHz processor.


is pleased work with WDS to bring Thai customers affordable devices with unique
functions. The country’s consumers have shown their openness to terminal
products and we are confident in our ability to be effective here,” said Zhang
Xiaoke, managing director of ZTE Thailand.


2011, ZTE’s smartphone shipments exceeded 12 million, a 400 per cent
year-on-year increase. That figure is expected to double in 2012.


ZTE is likely to sell more than 24 million smartphones in 2012. The primary
growth will be in Europe, North America, Brazil and Japan.


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