Webalo Offers Enterprise-to-Mobile to Android Market


The Android operating system is expanding on smartphones and tablets and is gaining presence in the enterprise.



The enterprise can have a stronger presence on Android-powered mobile devices because Webalo has made its Android client available in the Android Market. The free download enhances the capabilities of Android smartphones and tablets as enterprise computing devices and provides an enterprise-to-mobile connection that, with a subscription to Webalo’s cloud-based service, enables easy access to multiple enterprise resources.



Webalo enables companies to deliver enterprise data and functionality from software vendors like IBM, Oracle, SAP, Microsoft and from in-house applications to the growing number of Android devices, giving mobile users bi-directional interactivity with the content and tasks they rely on to do their jobs.



Companies simply select the specific data and functionality users need, using Webalo’s step-by-step configuration environment, which requires no programming of any kind. Then authorized users, running the Webalo client on their Android device, are given immediate access to that data and functionality.



Traditional mobile enterprise application vendors require companies to build new mobile applications, which is time consuming, expensive, error-prone, and produces a result which is hard to secure and maintain. Webalo, by contrast, lets companies connect to their existing enterprise resources through a single app.



As a result, enterprise access can be provided 100 times faster than with traditional mobile application development while avoiding the high costs of programming and the ongoing expense and risks of maintaining and upgrading enterprise-to-mobile applications.



Companies whose employees rely on Android devices can subscribe to the Webalo service, configure connections in minutes, and deploy them automatically.



By TelecomLead.com Team
[email protected]