WiMax Forum adds wireless technology leaders to its Board of Directors

Telecom Lead Asia: The WiMAX Forum has added five new
members to its Board of Directors. These new members include: Hitachi GM
Shoichi Hanatani; General Electrics GM Tom Mueller; NewNet Communication EVP
Scott Morrison; Wateen Telecom CEO Naeem Zamindar and YTL Communications COO
Ali Tabassi.


The WiMAX Forum also announced that its Board of
Directors has confirmed the election of Mohammad Shakouri as chairperson of the
Board of Directors.


All five companies are worldwide leaders in the
development and deployment of next generation wireless technology.

WiMAX technology benefits GE customers around the globe by fulfilling their
increasing need for bandwidth and application support. GE feels there is an
opportunity for this technology to help advance industrial markets including utilities,
mining and oil & gas,” said Tom Mueller, general manager, industrial
communications for GE’s digital energy business.

“Hitachi is a global communications technology leader, and the
organization is committed to developing further advanced capabilities and
applications for WiMAX technology,” said Shoichi Hanatani, general
manager, Hitachi.

The global demand for broadband continues at an extraordinary pace. Service
providers are meeting this challenge by delivering high performance and high
quality broadband, often in very difficult environments,” said Scott Morrison,
executive vice president and president, telecom infrastructure business unit,
NewNet Communication Technologies.

WiMAX provides a cost effective and scalable solution to the opportunity
presented by a developing country like Pakistan where broadband penetration is
less than 7 percent of households and demand is growing exponentially,” said
Nameen Zamindar, CEO of Wateen Telecom.

Recently,  WiMAX Forum announced that WiMAX South Asia 2012 will be held in Islamabad, Pakistan
April 2-3, which will be endorsed by the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority
and co-organized with the assistance of Wateen Telecom.


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