WINIT to create reusable software components for mobile app functions that are trending

WINIT is a Hyderabad based company working with global organizations across
home automation, banking, restaurant, sports and education verticals. WINIT has
experience in designing and developing interactive mobile applications. The
company specializes in creating iPhone, iPad, Android, Android Tablets,
Blackberry and Windows Mobile applications and help clients port web
applications and contents to work on mobiles.


Prakash Sreewastav, CEO of WINIT talks about the needs
and trends of mobile app industry and about the company’s future plans.


What are the current needs and trends of
mobile apps industry?


The mobile Apps industry has manifested huge growth and
there are some significant trends that we come across. The price point of the
entry level, practically usable smartphones (mainly Android) is reaching the
affordability levels of the mainstream users (Young People from 18 to 35).
Increase in awareness and usage has led to a boom in app stores, while there is
an app for everything. M Commerce which currently is in a nascent stage will
grow manifold and so is the case with lesser known Near Field Communications.
Enterprises are increasingly finding that the user-traffic to their websites
through mobile is crossing significant levels, and forcing them to pay special
attention to this audience and thinking how to provide optimal user experience
for this audience


These trends have created needs to meet the audience
traffic, expectations and business objectives of organizations.


The Enterprise Mobility concept has come in but is taking
time to settle in with the CIOs, CTOs and the decision makers.

The convergence of social networking, mobile and location
based Technologies into a single MegaTrend (called SO-LO-MO) is gaining
momentum. Enterprises who are early adopters are working to leapfrog their
competitors by developing mobile applications that leverage the SO-LO-MO
features. Hence SO-LO-MO is the one of the needs of the hour.


What are the emerging demands of enterprise


Mobile devices are changing from being an adjunct for
occasional remote usage to being the primary way workers and customers handle
enterprise information. CIOs face the new challenge in providing usable
interfaces for those workers. Hence Enterprise Customers are prioritizing their
mobile strategy based on the functions that are customer-facing. Security,
Change Management and Real-time Notifications are key features that are
requested by most of the enterprise customers.


What are the challenges and opportunities in
the emerging nations such as India, Brazil, China, Africa and the Middle East?


Smart mobile phone is the first computing-device for
practically all of the emerging nations as they missed out the advent of PC and
Internet revolutions. We will see the emerging of business models and
applications that are unique to these regions.  The time-lag between
applications and trends gaining traction in the west and the emerging nations
are decreasing very fast. Very soon, these usual laggards in technology
adoption will start to adapt Smartphone applications almost at the same time as
their western counterparts.


Which are the new technologies that will be
deployed quicker in enterprise mobility application space?


Android and HTML5 are the two key technologies that are
getting immediate attention and deployment.


What will be the future trends in the mobile
app industry?


Rapid turnaround in application development with
ever-decreasing timelines is the future trend in the mobile app industry.
Companies that can handle the technology complexity factors such as device
fragmentation and still provide consistent user-experience for the entire
customer-base for an enterprise will be the winners. We could possibly witness
fully mobile organizations, app deployment in everyday life as a habit- Eg. –
Home automation- syncing various appliances with Smartphones thru apps and
running the chores, monitoring health via apps, studying, travelling etc.


What is the USP of your company for staying
ahead of the race?


WINIT has a few key strengths when it comes to staying
ahead. We are one of the pioneers in this arena; we started with developing
Apps for iPhones quite early when the app revolution was just picking up.


WINIT creates mobile strategies for clients and works
long term leading to better ROI, efficiency and consumer engagement. We have
the expertise to provide 360 degree mobility to clients, being active across
all OS and are skilled in user experience design excellence. Our unique
philosophy is Thinking Mobile. WINIT engages with clients and takes the onus of
driving innovation for them.


We are creating reusable software components for
functions that are trending and are being integrated into applications across
industries. We are also working constantly to optimize the components as they
tend to become the key success factors for the applications. 


WINIT being an early adopter and developer in apps has
expertise in certain verticals and currently we are focusing at developing
expertise in industry verticals and targeting customers of the same vertical in
different geographies. We are focusing on developing feature-sets and
application frameworks which provide enterprises strategic advantage over
their competitors. Strong R&D in mobility’s impact will be our key
differentiating factor.

By Danish Khan, Telecom Lead
[email protected]