Wireless broadband solutions provider MediaG3 to tap Indian market

Telecom Lead America: MediaG3, a provider of wireless
broadband Internet solutions, is set to buy HEXA-2 Corporation for $70 million.


Following the acquisition, MediaG3 is planning to change
its name.


The combined companies will tap the Indian telecom


The combined entity will compete for the multibillion
dollar market of content delivery combined with high speed broad band wireless
networks in both the domestic and international markets in Europe, South
America, South East Asia including emerging markets in India and China, MediaG3
said in a  statement.


Ahmad Moradi, chairman of HEXA-2 Corporation, said the
collective value of the companies provides a new foundation serving interactive
needs of content delivery markets. iCDN shall become the core foundation
for delivering interactive content to most remote locations.


Val Westergard, chairman of MediaG3, said MediaG3’s
technologies will become the foundation for new customer acquisition, retention
and conversion in which HEXA-2 services shall become value-added services
adjunct to current content delivery networks. 


MediaG3 is planning to pioneer iCDN as the world’s first
interactive content delivery network with perks and values for our select


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