World Mobile Holdings builds Signage Media Player Project for China Mobile

Telecom Lead China:
World Mobile Holdings is building a Signage Media Player Project and
Surveillance System for China Mobile.

The Media Player project is divided into three periods
within 2 years with total revenue about $3 million. The project started in
September 2011. The surveillance system will be launched by Q4 2012 and the
estimated revenue will be $7 million.

World Mobile Holdings develops Image Transmission Devices
(ITD) and various of Solutions Integration for major wireless carriers around
the world.

“We are proud to announce this news to our shareholders
and potential investors that this is the first provincial Multi-Media Signage
System in China Mobile and is built by WMHI,” said Jason Hu, Board
Chairman and CEO of World Mobile.

“The Stage I of this project has been completed since
March, and Stage II and III will be finished by the end of 2012. Other
provinces will follow the footsteps of Gansu China Mobile to launch the same
Multi-Media Signage System of World Mobile Holdings later on this year and in
the near future,” Hu added.

World Mobile claims that it has assets to establish its B2B
business model with major wireless operators to fulfill their needs of 3.5G and
4G / 5G wireless information services in order to satisfy their customers.

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