XcelMobility signs partnership with Unified Communications for Mach 5 LBS

Telecom Lead Asia: XcelMobility has signed a partnership
with Tokyo-based Unified Communications.


As part of the agreement, Mach 5 LBS will become a
featured product and optional component of Xcel’s Mach 5 browser accelerator
product line.


Mach 5 LBS, a GPS tracking-based platform, enables
application developers to collect and review significant user analytics that
offer major impacts for retail marketing.


The agreement is likely to include distribution and/or
resale of individual or joint application services and products in the Japanese
market as well as a strategic partnership for developing the market in China
along with a number of product co-development scenarios.


Mach 5 Xcelerator provides the fastest browsing
experience available for mobile phones, tablet PCs and laptops.


T Mach 5 browser has been independently verified to
provide 5 to 10 times faster access to the Internet than standard mobile web
browsers. When used in conjunction with the LBS product, Mach 5 offers an
extraordinary platform for developers wishing to develop high speed
applications for the consumer marketplace and for retailers wishing to benefit
from this immense marketing opportunity.


Ryan Ge, CEO of XcelMobility, said the management at
Unified clearly understands the power of this new technology and is ready to
dive into what may well be a whole new sector. The LBS product is completely
scalable and will prove efficient in enabling developers a means to catch this
latest wave in application-based trend marketing.


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