XO Communications provides Horizon Lines with converged enterprise voice

Telecom Lead America: XO Communications, a provider of broadband communications services and solutions in the U.S, has provided Horizon Lines with a converged enterprise-wide voice, data and network security solution.

The solution is designed by XO Communications in co-operation with XO business partners, Intelisys and Richardson Communications and Consulting (RCC) to simplify the management of network infrastructure and reduce costs. 

Horizon Lines is one of U.S’ domestic ocean shipping and integrated logistics companies.

Under the three-year agreement, XO Communications will deliver a converged enterprise network solution that includes XO MPLS IP-VPN, XO Enterprise SIP trunking, and XO Hosted Security. 

Jeff Yeager, General Manager and CIO at Horizon Lines said the solution designed by XO Communications and their partner Richardson Communications proved to be the most forward-looking in terms of technology, network management and support for our future growth.

The XO solution will support all Horizon Lines’ communications and securely connect more than 20 domestic and international locations. 

The solution will consolidate Horizon Lines’ voice and data communications onto a fully-managed and secure next generation IP infrastructure that will support VoIP, Internet connectivity, and corporate applications.

XO MPLS IP-VPN provides an intelligent wide area network platform that can meet Horizon Lines’ advanced communications, networking and security needs and also improve efficiency.

While on the other hand, XO Enterprise SIP trunking will help Horizon Lines to deploy a centralized IP-PBX architecture based on Microsoft Lync Server 2010 and deliver voice services to each location connected by the XO MPLS IP-VPN.  

Furthermore, Horizon Lines is expected to be able to more easily manage security across its network with XO Hosted Security. 

A few months back, XO Communications launched Concentric Cloud Solutions that were designed to help customers quickly and cost-effectively deploy and manage infrastructure and services they need, in order to accelerate performance without significant capital expenditures. 

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