Xtera provides Tamares Telecom with Submarine solution

Telecom Lead Middle-East: Xtera Communications, a
provider of optical networking solutions, has provided its Wave Optima platform
to the Tamares Telecom network, which provides connectivity from Israel to
international communication hubs in Europe.


Xtera’s supplied its Wave Optima platform deployed in a
Submarine Line Terminal Equipment (SLTE) configuration with 70 x 100G capacity
per fiber pair.


Xtera partnered with IT International Telecom, a subsea
network integrator, to provide Tamares Telecom with a turnkey solution
including supply and installation of both transmission equipment and cable.


The Tamares Telecom network is now fully


Amir Goldstein, executive vice chairman of Tamares
Telecom, said the Xtera & IT’s technology enables Tamares’ network to provide
carriers and enterprises with confidence in the quality and security of their
international connections.


Tamares Telecom is a provider of new international
communications from and to Israel.


The new fiber optic network is designed to provide a
secure, high speed connection for data traffic moving east and west for
international carriers.


The network includes a new submarine cable connecting
Israel to Marseille and from Marseille to Frankfurt and London.


Jon Hopper, president and CEO of Xtera, said that the
deployment is an example of how Xtera’s advanced technologies can benefit
high-capacity networks for bandwidth-intensive services.


Xtera’s Nu-Wave Optima platform is a modular optical
transport system designed to lower the total cost of ownership.


The platform offers most advanced 100G solution that is
available for multiple optical networking applications.


The company claims that the Nu-Wave Optima equipment
delivers an unrivalled line capacity of 15 Tb/s on more than 3,000 km
for terrestrial backbone networks.


CFE Telecom Mexico selects Xtera Communications to transform
fiber network for enterprises


In May this year, CFE Telecom Mexico selected Xtera
Communications and Intercable to transform its 22,000 km Optical Ground Wire
(OPGW) based optical network into a national network for enterprises.



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