Zain achieves 55% cut in cost thanks to Nutanix

Zain Saudi Arabia for mobileTelecom operator Zain Bahrain has deployed a cloud based software solution from Nutanix to improve operational efficiency and cut cost.

Zain Bahrain will benefit as the Nutanix solution will enable the mobile operator to operate a leaner IT infrastructure for efficient operation, at a reduced cost. Zain Bahrain achieved 55 percent reduction in the total cost of ownership compared to traditional storage solutions.

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS software, combined with the Nutanix AHV hypervisor, allows the leading telecom operator in the Middle East to monitor and analyse data, leading to better decision making.

The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS software combines compute, storage, and virtualization, as well as providing monitoring and analytics, allowing for business optimization to Zain Bahrain.

The Cloud solution offers efficiency and no limitation on scalability, a key priority for Zain as it optimizes its future growth model. Nutanix allows Zain to utilize its ‘pay-as-you-grow’ feature to meet these growth requirements. Zain also selected Nutanix AHV hypervisor to significantly reduce the licensing cost for virtualization, as it comes free of charge with the deployment.

“This high performance platform requires minimum management and maintenance. The result is a reduction in data centre management man-hours and huge cost savings on individual server maintenance,” said Salah Jalal, acting technology director at Zain Bahrain.

Zain Group expects to roll out the cloud solution across all seven of its operations in the Middle East following this successful deployment in Bahrain.

“Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS software has helped industry leaders such as Zain Bahrain to modernize its data centre for better efficiency and rapid growth,” said Nicolas Leblanc, senior director of Emerging Markets and Eastern Europe for Nutanix.