Zicom Introduces Zicom SaaS

Zicom Electronic Security Systems has announced the introduction of its new business unit Zicom SaaS (Security as a Service).

Currently the largest electronic security systems provider in the country with an experience of two decades, Zicom SaaS endeavours to offer security systems on service basis to a host of market segments such as retail chains and stores, homes, financial institutions, SOHO, events, and exhibitions, offering more efficient and effective security systems at affordable service charges.

Introducing its one of a kind service proposition, Zicom SAAS will provide a full spectrum of services from the installation of security systems, the maintenance of the installed systems, remote managed services and off site video recording with control room monitoring 24 x7 by highly trained professional experts. Offering a multitude of services, Zicom SaaS will provide non-complex, reliable security solutions at an affordable service cost with minimalistic liability concerns since in most cases it is being offered with attractive insurance bundled with the services.


“The key difference in the service provided by Zicom SaaS is that the customer will not have to invest any money on capex”, said Pramoud Rao, MD and Promoter of Zicom. “This product is ideal for small business or residential customers who do not have the time, resources or space available to have a recording devise at their location and do not wish to spend time in monitoring the video feeds or manage these Surveillance systems”, added Anand Swaminathan, Director of Product and Solution, Zicom Group.

Having recently announced the strategic restructuring in its business model and subsequent entry into the sector of telecom security, foraying into the space of multi brand retail products, Zicom is aggressively launching itself with renewed focus. With the SaaS market in India currently in its nascent phase pegged at $50 -56 mn, Zicom endeavours to add width and volume to the segment while continuing to offer its trademark mix of innovative and affordable security solutions, extending its services to secure thousands of homes, offices & establishments across the country.

By TelecomLead.com Team

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