Zicom Qube Camera makes remote viewing accessible to consumers

Zicom Electronic Security Systems introduced
the Qube Camera to redefine the concept of security systems in the domestic

Designed on the globally acclaimed IP surveillance
platform, Zicom’s Qube Camera will make available the remote monitoring of
homes and office spaces on devices such as cellular phones and computers
thereby eliminating many of the conventional limitations that once restricted
the scope of security.

A breakthrough in modern technological innovation, remote
monitoring by video allows home and office owners to oversee many remote sites
from one central point, and for establishments to manage the security at multiple
locations despite being off-site. Besides mitigating threats, remote monitoring
provides high quality video and audio recordings that can be used in situations
when evidence is required.

With daily advancements in technology, the definition of
security is in a state of rapid transition,” said Anand Swaminathan,
director of Product and Solution, Zicom Group, We believe that integrating IP
technologies with security systems, in an format accessible to consumers can
open limitless possibilities for the future.”

The Qube Camera will be available at Rs 13, 990 along
with a two Year Warranty.

By TelecomLead.com Team