ZST Digital files patent application for assisted GPS technology


ZST Digital Networks, a manufacturer and supplier of
digital and optical network equipment to cable system operators and provider of
GPS tracking devices in China, announced that it recently filed a patent
application with the Chinese State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) to
ensure intellectual property protection for its Assisted GPS technology.

The company’s commercial GPS fleet management tracking and positioning devices are an internet-based system
with numerous features, including but not limited to real time GPS tracking and
monitoring, WEBGIS platform with live updated maps, alternative positioning
systems and other value-added functions such as speed limiting and vehicle
exhaust emission testing.


These features are well applied to government efforts to
promote higher environmental standards and energy conservation.

Assisted GPS, or A-GPS, is a technology used to improve
the performance of traditional standalone GPS tracking systems which rely
solely on radio signals from satellites and can be impacted by poor signal
conditions in certain environments, for example in dense urban areas.

A-GPS systems overcome this issue by utilizing network
resources, such as data available from a mobile network. ZST Digital’s  A-GPS system
can make use of the GSM modules and location based service (LBS) capabilities
of customers’ existing mobile phone equipment, in conjunction with additional
software, to introduce LBS capabilities to the GPS system, forming a
dual-positioning mode.  

As such, when customers encounter satellite signal
blockages or electromagnetic interference, the A-GPS system will enable the
mobile phone LBS function to act as an assisted tracking tool, providing
unimpeded tracking and navigation services.        

By seeking to patent our value-added Assisted GPS
technology, we are securing the continued viability of our proprietary
commercial GPS fleet management tracking system. A-GPS functionality allows our
customers to take full advantage of our commercial GPS tracking systems
regardless of environmental conditions, resulting in improved service and
functionality,” said Zhong Bo, chairman and chief executive officer of ZST.

Our GPS commercial fleet management tracking segment has
quickly become a major contributor to our overall business, with clear growth
opportunities ahead.  We believe that seeking this patent will help us to
continue our expansion and strengthen our competitive position in the
commercial GPS market in Henan Province, in addition to reinforcing a barrier
to entry and further validating ZST’s technological capabilities,” Bo added.

By TelecomLead.com Team
[email protected]