ZTE launches cloud-based U-safety government security solution

announced the launch of the world’s first cloud-based U-Safety government
security solution specifically designed for secure digital government
applications at ITU Telecom World in Geneva, Switzerland.

core system is a combination of ZTE’s Coalition Emergency Response System
(CERS) and Global open Trunking architecture (GoTa).

ZTE’s U-Safety solutions provide end-to-end security services for governments,
including trunking calls, video monitoring, video conferencing and other
integrated services.

solutions also deliver high-speed data transmission, positioning, command and
control, emergency response and intelligent data analysis. They are designed to
help governments prevent and promptly respond to a variety of disasters and

is an integrated platform of multiple applications and peripheral systems that
provides alarm accepting and handling, computer-aided dispatching, information
convergence and service and communication application integration.

also can function as a carrier for interaction between subscribers. In
addition, CERS integrates a Global Positioning System (GPS) location component,
a Geographic Information System (GIS) map, a call center and ZTE’s information
management system, Intelligent Transportation.

was the world’s first CDMA-based digital trunking solution. It has outstanding
advantages over other solutions. For example, it makes quick decisions, thereby
ensuring communications safety, integrated services and high-speed data
transmission capacity.

security is always an important concern for governments. With ZTE’s solutions,
governments will be able to improve their performance and increase public
satisfaction, while also maintaining stability and promoting economic and
cultural development,” Zhang Renjum, senior vice president of ZTE.

company sees digital government as a massive growth area that will help drive
its international business for years to come.

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