ZTE to strengthen enterprise business, to double manpower in India

ZTE is looking at strengthening its enterprise business
in India. The Chinese telecom equipment major will be doubling its manpower in
enterprise division to 100 from the present 50 in the country.

ZTE will be aggressively
building its enterprise clients. India is one of the main enterprise markets
for ZTE.

We are strengthening our enterprise client base in
India. It will be become a focus area for us in the coming months,” said Kapil
Ahuja, chief technical and marketing officer of ZTE Telecom India.

ZTE may be partnering with the state-run ITI to bid for
intelligent traffic control system project in Bangalore.

We are in the process of identifying more partners in
India. A national distribution network for enterprise solution offerings
comprised by a network of national distributors, system integrators and tier 2
channel partners is being formed,” said Yotesh Sharma, head sales at ZTE
Telecom India.

The India enterprise solutions market is estimated to be
worth $3 billion and is projected to grow to $8 billion by 2014.

To address this vast potential, ZTE has formed an
enterprise solutions team to work with key clients in the government and
private sector. The enterprise solutions team also will focus on the
requirements of telecom operators.

Further, the company is revamping its existing facility
in the Indian industrial town of Manesar and is considering manufacturing
enterprise solutions in India when demand increases.

Recently, ZTE won a major enterprise solutions contract
with the Power Grid Corporation of India (PGCIL) to provide fixed-network
transmission services across the country.

The contract will increase ZTE’s share of PGCIL’s
transmission market to 15 percent, a significant achievement for the company in
India’s non-telecom-operator market.

As part of the agreement, ZTE will deploy more than 385
DWDMs, 1025 SDHs, and several PTN devices to enhance PGCIL’s network coverage
and service quality. The India contract represents ZTE’s first step into one of
seven key markets in which it aims to be a leading provider of enterprise

ZTE is focused on offering end-to-end solutions and
products to its enterprise customers, including Telepresence, Data Center,
Smart Grid, Digital Home/Building and Intelligent Transport Solutions. The
company offers a wide range of products in optical transport solutions, routers
and LAN switches, xPON/ FTTx, Videoconferencing, IP surveillance, contact
center solutions, servers and storage, RFiD & CPEs and STBs.

By Danish Khan
[email protected]